June 9, 2016

TAX – Be prepared

It’s not going away; it will only increase if unpaid, and could cost you a lot more than money, so come on, make HMRC your friend and make the process less painful.

At Business Growth Academy (link to course info) we will show you how to plan for the end of the tax year, minimise the amount of tax you pay and get back what is due to you. Jo’s accounting background means she is well equipped to provide you with guidance that will ensure you are not paying more than you should be, are recording transactions properly and keeping the relevant documentation.

Depending on the complexity of your business, tax returns may be relatively simple, with receipts acting as documentary evidence, or you may need the services of an accountant to file your return and provide you with tax planning. Whichever is the case, planning is key, and the benefit of budgeting for the inevitable return cannot be understated.

If you are not employing an accountant, keep yourself up-to-date with tax relief legislation, to make sure you are not paying more than you need to be and make sure you include tax payments in your cash flow, so there are no end of year nasty surprises.

We all know that death and taxes are the two unavoidable situations in life- don’t let tax be the death of your business.

joanne s

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