December 7, 2015

Is your team in the Premier League?

Is your team in the Premier League?

Do you ever look at your staff and wonder how they hoodwinked you into thinking employing them was a good idea? Or do you gaze upon them with pride and gratitude, knowing you wouldn’t be where you are today without them?

If you’ve ever felt that some of your team are not performing at their best and do not share your drive and enthusiasm for the company’s success, it is time to take the team apart, analyse it and rebuild it; faster, more efficient and hungry for success.

The thing is, like all elements of your business, your team performance does not have to be subjective.  In fact it is by measuring the team numbers we often get the best results for the business we work with.  And by including team members in the process we get their buy in and commitment which further improves business performance.

The types of measures we look at are:

  • Return per employee per hour
  • Chargeable versus non chargeable time
  • Cost per desk
  • Efficiency – comparing work generated in house with the equivalent work outsourced
  • Contribution to overheads
  • Charge out rate and what profit this should generate based on expected productivity
  • Return on training and development.

There are lots of non financial measures too:

  • Staff satisfaction as indicated by staff turnover, absenteeism and general attendance
  • Innovation and ideas generated
  • Customer satisfaction

A good business will be as successful as its team.  And there are many ways to both motivate and reward success from good benefit packages, through to the Christmas party and even just the acknowledgment of a thank you for a job well done.

At Business Growth Academy, we help you to calculate the numbers behind your team performance and also work with your teams so they take responsibility for achieving their own goals.  We will show you how to plan for non-effective hours (holiday and sickness) to ensure your turnover is not affected.  We will give you ideas of how to motivate and empower your team, encourage them to share in your success, and consider the return on training and development.

If you have the right team around you, they will support you all the way. And remember, if you have empowered your team, trained them well, and supported them to learn through practice, they will be capable of running your business in your absence, freeing you to concentrate on other things.  What will you do with this extra freedom?  A spa day, a round of golf or that well deserved and often put off golf day?

Come along to one of our introductory sessions find out how to take your business into the Premier League.

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