July 14, 2016

Is Your Money Working Hard Enough For You?

It’s not just your time and energy you invest in your company; you also have a lot of money tied up in there. But how much of it could be released? How much could be converted to profit? Every business has hidden profits – so why not unleash yours today?

At the Business Growth Academy, we can show you how to analyse your business to find those hidden profits and help you to release them. Every business is different, we understand that, but the same principles apply when it comes to business growth and increasing profits. Because the Business Growth Academy was founded on my background in accounting, our courses are all number-centred.

Areas we explore in the businesses we work with cover all the figures in their business, not just turnover and profit:

  • We look at how much you spend and where savings could be found;
  • We analyse how efficient your systems, processes and work output are and how they can be adjusted to represent optimum value for money;
  • We examine your pricing strategy and what improvements could be made.
  • We investigate how you can increase your turnover and how you can convert that turnover into maximum profits.

A key measure in all activities is return on investment – that could be investment in money, staff, technology, R&D, equipment, property or simply your own time.  What’s important is that the business is generating a return that is more than they would get if the same investment were invested elsewhere.  You probably recall the business owner I quote as finding out they were earning just 80p an hour – could you also make more stacking shelves at your local supermarket?

What we measure differs for every business we work with.  The list above is just a taster of the things we look at.  We do all this together because for your business to grow, you need to understand the figures that make it up, and you need to make the changes.

If you want to take your business to the next level and would like to see why our approach works register your interest in our next business boardroom, click here to find out more http://business-growth-academy.co.uk/register-for-business-boardroom/

Stop working so hard for your business, and make it work harder for you.

joanne s

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