February 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year


I know for most of you the year starts 1st January, but I decided for me this year I am designating 1st February as my new year. I’ll tell you why later.


And look what popped into my inbox this morning – inspiration from the universe:


Joanne, I love this job! You know, writing to you every day.

Do you know how I got it?

I just started doing it.

And that’s all anything takes.

Magic follows,

The Universe


On 10th January I had the pleasure of being reunited with a fantastic group of people in Dublin where we were attending a training with the wonderful Chris Howard. I’ve trained with Chris and his trainers all over the world and I am immensely humbled and honoured to be part of a smaller training group this time learning his material direct from him. This course was about presentation skills peppered with the usual Chris magic that changes your life and reignites your passion for what you do. And it gave me total clarity:


You can make money doing what you love.


Wind forward one week and I find myself knee deep in tax returns (32 out of 34 NOT done) and haven’t had chance to breathe since. Until today that is as they all got finished on 30th allowing me to finally write to you. The irony is I said last year ‘No MORE’ as I no longer thrive on compliance work. Yet there I was again faced with an even bigger hurdle than the year before. Or was it?


The fact is I had made progress. Can you relate to that at all? It wasn’t as bad because this year I took steps to address the problem. I had already notified clients I am moving away from compliance work and some had gone elsewhere. I had set up appointments with local accountants to talk about outsourcing compliance work and this made me feel more in control of the outcome. I also scheduled all the work I had to complete so I could handle it, one return at a time. And the plan worked. I finished a whole day earlier than last year. And the result is, today I have the gift of time and space to plan so I can get back to making money doing what I love, which includes writing to you. So, what is it that is STOPPING YOU do what you love and how can you overcome it?


And as I restart my new year, today I also set my goals. They are simple, clear and achievable. Last year I achieved my primary goal far easier than the rest, so I’ve decided to set a primary goal that is most important to me, improving my health. There are some other things I’d like to achieve on the way, so I’ve set those too, but my focus is health.


What about you? Have you set goals for your year? Do you feel off track and want to join me in resetting your year start date to 1st February? If so why not let me help you do just that.


As part of my new year celebration I am offering 3 taster sessions where I will take you through my 7 step process to getting back to making money doing what you love. We will spend 3 hours together, one to one, getting you back on track and coming up with a strategic plan. I usually charge £495 for this session, but for just three of you this is free – my new year’s gift. To learn more and book your session click here:




My new year wish for you is to have magic flow through everything you do so 2018 really is the best year you have ever had.


Happy new year.


All the best




p.s. These 3 slots will go fast so book now to kick start your 2018



joanne s

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