Welcome To The Business Growth Mastermind

Increase your income, boost your profits and avoid costly mistakes

The Business Growth Mastermind (BGM) is aimed at established business owners that feel isolated.

You’ve had business success only to find it’s tough at the top and you want a peer group to support and work alongside.

Combining the approach we take in the Business Growth Club with strategies we use with Business Growth Accelerator clients, this mastermind takes established businesses into their next phase of growth.

So what do you get on the mastermind?

  • One full day a month focusing on how you can improve your business.
  • Networking with other established business owners
  • Learning new tools and techniques aimed at stepping up growth
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    Develop your mastermind group. Strategic alliances and partnerships are often formed from these groups.
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    The chance to take the business hot seat, where we drill down into your biggest challenge and brainstorm solutions for you right then and there.
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    Accelerated growth, improved cashflow and enhanced efficiency/

To see if the BGM is a good fit for your business complete this short questionnaire and we will be in touch to set up an initial chat with Jo.

"Financially Enlightened!"

We have only been confident to grow the business as we have, due to being financially enlightened; both through our monthly meetings with Jo, and through how she has set our finance team up to manage the cashflow so efficiently.  Every team within our company knows the numbers that drive their success and report on them every month. Companies that are ‘in the dark’ financially are playing Russian Roulette if they expand; they cannot know what to expect.

Andrew Clack – Technicweb Limited

About the Jo Stevens

A qualified accountant, Joanne Stevens is a business growth strategist, as well as being the former partner of a leading Essex-based accountancy practice, and she has a unique approach of helping companies to integrate their accounts into their business development strategy. She knows it works- she’s done this for her consultancy and the Business Growth Academy, as well as for many of the clients she advises. Forensic analysis of the figures enables Joanne to find hidden profits in every business she works with, and helps to unlock that profitability and turn it into cashflow. She will show you where to look for your hidden profit and share her personal experience to help your business grow.

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