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Increase your income, boost your profits and avoid costly mistakes

Why choose the Business Growth Academy?

If you are running a business that deserves to make more profit year-on-year, The Business Growth Academy will show you how you can make more money, work smarter and gain control of your time and your business.
Working with the Business Growth Academy you will:

  • Gain immediate business growth and incredible return on investment
  • Take control of your business, profits and cashflow
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    Understand the numbers that drive your business
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    Make your business, your people and your money work for you
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    Release hidden profits that are in your business right now
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    Avoid costly mistakes that have the potential to impact negatively on your profits
  • Enjoy running your business again 

"Financially Enlightened!"

We have only been confident to grow the business as we have, due to being financially enlightened; both through our monthly meetings with Jo, and through how she has set our finance team up to manage the cashflow so efficiently.  Every team within our company knows the numbers that drive their success and report on them every month. Companies that are ‘in the dark’ financially are playing Russian Roulette if they expand; they cannot know what to expect.

Andrew Clack – Technicweb Limited

Still not sure? Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you always busy, but not reaping the financial rewards? 
  • Are you working all hours, but struggle to pay HMRC, your employees and have enough left to pay yourself?

Having your own business shouldn’t mean hard work for little reward. It should be a positive experience that enables you to improve your lifestyle exponentially whilst you do the job you’re passionate about, and the company you created continues to grow.

At the Business Growth Academy, we have discovered that an astonishing 25% of the business owners we work with were actually earning less than the minimum wage before they joined us, but very few of them realised this!

Founded by Joanne Stevens, the Business Growth Academy opens the door to a wealth of knowledge and experience across a spectrum of industry sectors.

Jo is a qualified accountant and business growth specialist, who works with a team of experts in sales, marketing, tax and financial planning, to deliver a service that will transform your company and put you on the fast-track to business success.

You can access all of this right now, transform your business, change your work/life balance and start earning serious profit from your business. Click Here to see how we can help your business.

Don’t just take our word for it – read some former BGA member’s testimonials here

"It’s clearly working as my turnover has gone from zero to £500,000 in the past year!"

I’ve known Jo a long time, she helped me when I was MD at Dad’s commercial furniture company. I need the numbers driven aspect of the Business Growth Academy as my skills lay more in creativity, and I have learned a lot on the course, including enhancing my sales and marketing knowledge. Jo fills a gap in my business to keep me driven and push me forward. I love working with her, she gives me confidence and has helped me with business strategy and planning; it’s clearly working as my turnover has gone from zero to £500,000 in the past year! 

Hayley Roy – Harp Commercial Interiors Limited

About the Jo Stevens

A qualified accountant, Joanne Stevens is a business growth strategist, as well as being the former partner of a leading Essex-based accountancy practice, and she has a unique approach of helping companies to integrate their accounts into their business development strategy. She knows it works- she’s done this for her consultancy and the Business Growth Academy, as well as for many of the clients she advises. Forensic analysis of the figures enables Joanne to find hidden profits in every business she works with, and helps to unlock that profitability and turn it into cashflow. She will show you where to look for your hidden profit and share her personal experience to help your business grow.

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