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Is your business giving you £100k + net return? If not, why not?

If you are running a business that deserves to make at least £100,000 in profit year-on-year, The Business Growth Academy will show you how you can make more money, work smarter and gain control of your time and your business.

As a Business Growth Academy member, you’ll work with Joanne Stevens, a qualified accountant and one of the region’s leading growth specialists, who will forensically analyse your business and cash flow. We identify the numbers that growth in your business depends on; hard, measurable numerical facts that allow driven action to improve your cash flow and maximise profits. Your business growth team will also include a team of dedicated experts in key areas such as sales, marketing and HR. Together, in just a few months, we will achieve incredible results for you and your business, including:

  • Delivery of immediate business growth and incredible return on investment
  • Take control of your business, profits and cashflow
  • Understand the numbers that drive your business
  • Make your business, your people and your money work for you
  • Release hidden profits that are in your business right now
  • Avoid costly mistakes that have the potential to impact negatively on your profits
  • Enjoy running your business again

No extensive time commitments and no exorbitant fees, and a Growth Academy plan designed for you – what are you waiting for? Find out how to become a member of the 2016 Business Growth Academy and see £100,000 + profit in 2016 now  

Still not sure? Does this sound familiar?

Are you always busy, but not reaping the financial rewards? Are you working all hours, but struggle to pay HMRC, your employees and have enough left to pay yourself?

Having your own business shouldn’t mean hard work for little reward. It should be a positive experience that enables you to improve your lifestyle exponentially whilst you do the job you’re passionate about, and the company you created continues to grow. At the Business Growth Academy, we have discovered that an astonishing 25% of the business owners we work with were actually earning less than the minimum wage before they joined us, but very few of them realised this!

Is your company turning over £1million a year but you are working fourteen hour days, seven days a week, for little financial recompense? Surely that tells you something needs to change?

Turnover means nothing without associated profits, and working all hours is not good for your health, your efficiency, your work / life balance or your enthusiasm. At the Business Growth Academy we can equip you with the tools to reignite your hunger for business growth and optimum profit, and take your company and its profit-margin to the next level; reducing the hours you need to work, whilst generating higher profits.

How much does it cost you to open your doors every day?

If you don’t know, you may be feeling a little out of control and lost. If you do know, then you should be seeing your business grow. If your business is not growing or you are feeling lost and out of control then the Business Growth Academy can put you back in the driving seat on the road to increased profits.

Founded by Joanne Stevens, the Business Growth Academy opens the door to a wealth of knowledge and experience across a spectrum of industry sectors. Jo is a qualified accountant and business growth specialist, who works with a team of experts in sales, marketing, tax and financial planning, to deliver a service that will transform your company and put you on the fast-track to business success.

You can access all of this right now, transform your business, change your work/life balance and start earning serious profit from your business. Don’t just take our word for it – read some former BGA member’s testimonials here.

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